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100+ Smart Ways to Save Money in 2018

If you have a small income, saving money may seem impossible. How can you save some money when you can’t seem to make room in your budget to save? With all the expenses during the holidays and lots of upcoming bills to pay, chances are, you’re already racking your brain on how to deal with your tight budget. And all …

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6 Simple Ways to Keep Spending in Check During the Holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, how do you make sure that you keep spending in check and don’t go overboard? Photo by Ruby Feinberg I was never a prudent and mindful spender until when I became a mom. Not that I had lots of money to spend or waste, I just didn’t have that concept of saving or …

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Saving Money When You Don’t Have Extra Money – How To Save $3000 in 5 Months

So, you’ve been wanting to save money but you can’t just make room in your budget to save because: your family is living on a single income, or you are a single mom with a small income, or you have monstrous bills or debts to pay. Or, maybe you and your husband are compulsive spenders and have no idea how …

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