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Creative Business Ideas for Stay-at-home Moms

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The appeal of being your own boss and working on something you love while having more time for family and loved ones is such a heady stimuli that freelancing or starting an online business has become a thing for stay-at-home moms, too. And if you’re reading this, then I’d hazard a guess and say that you’re one of them who’s also asking the same question most stay-at-home moms ask the very first time:

Should I do it, too?

I get why you’re asking this question. Between attending to the needs of your children and preparing meals, how could you still possibly add another attention-seeking, time-consuming pursuit such as a business, even if it’s virtual and online? And if this idea of making money from home and online is new to you, you might think it may NOT be possible to make a REAL career out of this idea.

Well, think again. There are thousands of women making real money online. Think of 5-6 figure monthly income. Isn’t that crazy? While I am sure that isn’t an overnight success, making money from home/ online is very POSSIBLE!

I made a go for it, too, and I must say, I am glad I did! Working from home freelance writing has allowed me to earn some income and pursue my passion while taking care of my little baby.

Here are some reasons why starting your own creative business or working from home is more than just the added moolah.

Have a Creative Outlet

Though I’m not discounting what being a mother means, I also believe that there is so much more to us as individual women besides being mothers. And for me, working as a freelance writer, one that I can consider as an outlet and an expression of my creativity, my passions and my hobbies as an individual, adds to my sense of self and my identity as a woman.

Expand Your Network or Community

Let’s admit it: If you’re a stay-at-home mom, your social life dwindles unless you have a whole mommy gang in your neighborhood. Since I’ve started working online, I’ve connected with other mom-entrepreneurs or stay-at-home moms, albeit online, who run their own blogs or a creative business themselves.

Earn Money without Sacrificing Your Family Time

I chose to be a stay-at-home mom so that I’d be close to my baby and have more time for my family. But it also doesn’t hurt to have some extra money while my baby is sleeping, and this is one of the perks of working from home or having your own creative business. You get to enjoy both!

So, how do you get started with a home-based, creative career? And because money can be tight, how do you start one with as little capital as possible?

Here are some business ideas you can begin at home.

1. Freelance Writing

You can start freelance writing with $0 capital as long as you have a computer and Internet connection ,of course! I started mine with $0. To get started, you apply to writing jobs at freelance sites or writing job boards, and create your writing portfolio through free blogging platforms like WordPress or Blogspot!

I recommend, however, that you set up your own professional writer website. This will serve as your virtual office where your clients can find and contact you and where you can also showcase your writing skills.

With Bluehost, you can create a website for only $2.95 a month. Not a techie? Don’t worry because this site makes building a website SUPER easy. Promise!

I have earned over $100k freelance writing and while that wasn’t easy money, I am proof that it is possible to carve out a path and make real money online, from home, while you are in your PJs.

I am currently working on a free ebook on how I earned my first $100k freelance writing. If you’d like to be in the waiting list to receive the ebook for free, you can sign up below. The eBook will contain details on how to jumpstart a freelance writing career as well as proofs of that income.

2. Photography

You see, I didn’t take most of the photos I use on this blog. I don’t have the skills, tools and time to make professional photos, so I buy the rights to use stock photos. Photography can be a lucrative home-based business as well. Membership to such service usually starts from $20 per month to over $50. PER PERSON. So if you have passion in photography, then maybe you can monetize your skills.

3. Designing Printable Planners

Making planners can also be a lucrative business and at the same time a creative outlet. You can sell your work in a digital form for your customers to print. The best thing about this? With all the available tools you can use in your computer or online, you can easily create one with $0 capital.

4. Making Jewelry or Accessories

How about using your creativity to create wearable art-like accessories such as necklaces and earrings? You can sell your products online too or at at local boutiques and events. Etsy is one site where you can showcase your products. It’s like a community of  sellers offering creative products like accessories.

5. Cake Decorating

If I am not a freelance writer, I am probably a baker/cake decorator. I love decorating cupcakes, cakes, and cookies and I would love to do this as a business. If you are anything like me, then maybe this home-based business idea is for you.

6. T-shirt Designing

There are plenty of online platforms where you can sell your t-shirt designs, including Redbubble or Cafepress. If you don’t have capital, try Merch by Amazon. I’ve recently read great reviews about this side hustle. All you have to do is create your design and Amazon will do the rest of the work such as printing and shipping. You’ll earn a commission per item sold.

7.  Blogging + Affiliate Marketing

If writing is your passion, you can set up a blog and become an affiliate of the products and services that you love. As an affiliate, you can earn a commission in return of every purchase made through your affiliate link.
You can start a blog at about $3.95 per month! Click here for a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to do it.

8.Culinary Consulting

Are you a culinary wizard? You can make money from home by becoming a culinary guru at Chef’s Line. Contact them through email to explore work-at-home opportunities.

9. Graphic Designing

There’s a TON of places you can sell them online! Check out Creative Market, Bouf, Art Web, Gelaskins, Threadless, Unbound, Etsy, Redbubble, Graphic Leftovers and Vectorstock. Alternatively, have your own website for less than $5 a month and showcase your designs there.

10. Knit Goods

Hand knit hats, scarves, wallets are always hot items to sell online or at local craft fairs. You can even offer custom designs so the items are more personalized based on your clients preference. You can sell your craft at Etsy and even sell your own patterns there. And by the way, Etsy supports this craft that they won’t charge a commission for the sale of your own pattern!

11. Blog/ Life Planner

You can design your own planner and sell them online. While there are plenty of FREE downloadable planners available on the ether, many people still look for and use the physical form. For inspiration, check out Allison’s planners at, available for $47-$49 . I super love her customized planners!

Taking the Steps to Get Started

Invest in a website. Learn social media. Go on Etsy. Be online.

You cannot possibly start a creative business without going online. Somehow, you need a platform to showcase your products, a space where customers or prospective clients can window shop.

One of your most important investments then is a website, which would only cost you $3.95 per month with Bluehost. You will benefit well from having your own website, most especially if you want to include product catalogs, product reviews or descriptions, which are difficult to put on social media.

Use social networking to market for you.

Because there’s hardly enough money for advertising, the best way to market your product is to let other people do the marketing for you. Like any creative or freelancer, use social media as your platform.

Find help from within your family.

Tisha Pelletier of Details, Events & Marketing, an event planning business, admits that as a mom-entrepreneur, you need time to focus on certain projects. This is where help from trusted people could come in whether it’s help from your husband, your mother or mother-in-law, another member of the family, or even a housekeeper who comes to your house once a week to do the chores.

It’s important to realize that you cannot do it alone and you need to get help for certain tasks, whether it’s on the business or home front.

Of course, be ready to do the work yourself first. With limited capital, you need to understand you can only have so very few hands pitching in to do the work for you. If you’re thinking of selling knitwear on Etsy, for example, be prepared to do the knitting of all your orders by yourself in the first few months of your business.

I know it sounds a whole lot of daunting, but with careful planning, lots of support, and great leap of faith, you’ll be able to make a go of it!

Hi! My name is Jane, the mama behind this blog. I am blogging my journey to financial freedom and into meaningful living off a small and unstable freelancing income, $0 in personal savings and with less than a year old baby. Join me on this journey!


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