Affordable Gifts for Family

10 Affordable Holiday Gifts for Family

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10 Best Holiday Gifts Under $50

It’s that time of the year again when we’re feeling merry and generous. But are you still racking your brains and pulling your hair wondering what gifts to give to your kids and spouse this year?

Here’s what you should keep in mind when gift shopping: you don’t need to spend much. Gifts are representations of your thoughtfulness and appreciation, and their price tags are not the ultimate measure of what a person means to you.

This year, I’ve rounded up the best gifts under $50 that your family may appreciate, while keeping your budget under wraps.


1.The Infinity Travel Pillow ($39)

This Infinity Travel Pillow is a great gift for a person who travels a lot, both for business and leisure. If your husband or grown-up kids take a lot of business trip, this travel pillow will ensure comfort and convenience. It provides neck support during long flights and road trips, and is made of ultra-comfy bamboo material. It is machine-washable and hypo-allergenic, and for a price of $39, this gift is a great deal.

2. Blank Notebooks ($44.95)

For the artist in the family, whether it’s your son who loves to sketch or your daughter who has taken a penchant for music and lyric-writing, these Alessandro Esteri blank notebooks are simply perfect! Each set comes with 12 purse-size notebooks (so they can fill one after the other, month by month), allowing them to make their art on-the-go. Leather-bound with beautiful finish, these notebooks give $44.95 a great deal for your money.

3.Mason Jar Garden ($29.99)

Each family probably has at least one member who has the green thumb, and for him or her, this Mason Jar Garden set makes the excellent gift. This set contains 3 seeds of different herbs, three mason jars and soil pods. Simply wrap the jars up and stick a card. The recipient only needs to plant the seeds and watch the herbs grow, all the while remembering that they came from you!

4.Engraved Stainless Bangles ($18)

For that person in your family who needs a constant reminder that she is awesome in every way (whether it’s your teen daughter, niece, sister or yourself), these cheap, stylish but thoughtful accessories can instantly lift her spirits up! The bangle is made up of stainless steel with an artistic engraving and it’s durable, hypo-allergenic and will never go out of style. For less than $20, you can buy two or more and give one to the girls who are closest to your heart.

5. Travel Comfort Set ($19.99)

If you’ve heard one of your family members complain about discomfort as they travel from place to another or are unable to find the best sleeping position in the plane, this travel comfort set solves their woes. The set comes with an eye mask, ear plugs, blanket and inflatable pillows. To make things more convenient, the pillow converts into a carrying case where you can store all of these items in one place.


6. Selfie Remote Shutter ($25)

Premium 5-In-1 Bluetooth Selfie Remote Shutter For iPhone X, 8, 7, 6, 5, Samsung Galaxy S8, S7, S6, S5 – Cellphone Camera Control – Powered by USA Technology (Blue)

Some of us do love to take selfies but taking the perfect one can get hard sometimes. If your teenage daughter wants to perfect her selfie or just wishes to take better pictures with her smartphone, this Bluetooth selfie remote shutter will certainly not go un-appreciated. This is the first Bluetooth-powered remote shutter that connects with popular brands of smartphones (Apple and Samsung), allowing the user to take HD pictures without the shakes and blurs. It also comes with a table top tripod so you can take photos in wider angles, perfect when travelling. The Bluetooth connectivity is good for up to 30 feet.

7. Magnetic Building Blocks ($34)

Legos are classic toys for kids, but if you want to level-up the experience for your own little children, consider getting them magnetic building blocks. These educational toys are perfect to train your kids’ fine motor skills and creativity. The 92-piece set all contains durable and strong magnetic mechanisms, so each one is guaranteed to stick to the other. Your child can build basically anything with these toys, from various patterns and shapes to more advanced buildings like automobile and aircrafts.

8. Hatchimals ($34.58)

Does your kindergartener love pets? Hatchimals Collegtibles will feed his/her fancy! What’s so nice about these toys is that it teaches care and patience to his so-called pet. The pet or animal is encased in a huge egg which the child needs to rub. The heart of the egg will later on turn purple, and then pink, and then the egg cracks and out comes the pet! This gift contains 12 Hatchimals in a single collection, perfect when your kid plays with his other young cousins.

9. Memory Foam Mattress Topper ($44)

Everyone in the family needs a long, sound sleep especially in between events and parties during the holidays. Make sleep more luxurious for cheap with a memory foam mattress topper. It features textured zones to provide maximum comfort and reduce pressure points in your body while you sleep. The lavender scent also helps you relax better. This product is ideal for most adults in your family, be it your grown-up kids, you and your spouse, parents and other extended people in the extended family.

10. Essential Oils

So you’ve made a list of gifts for everyone and have been busy making the Holidays bright and cheery for the brood, but have you gotten a gift for yourself? We moms expect to get busy during the holidays – meal planning, entertaining, cooking and shopping and everything in between, that trying to get the time to relax becomes a rare opportunity. Why not give yourself some time off, even if for just a few minutes, before you engage on your next to-do task? A set of essential oils will fill your room with beautiful scents that can help you relax, re-energize and re-focus.

I’m a firm believer that giving is an excellent way to show appreciation, but I also like to keep my gifts meaningful, thoughtful and practical. The holidays are an expensive season, and while we won’t be breaking the bank with expensive presents, I know that my family is going to be happy and thrilled to receive gifts that come from the heart, even with the not-so-pricey sticker price.

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