Welcome to my first (August 2017) Goals and Income Update! First, let me explain what this “Goals and Income Update” is all about. If are following this blog, then you know that this blog is about my journey to financial freedom and into mindful living.
Income Update

Goals and Income Update (August 2017) – $1902

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how I made $1902 online, in one month


Welcome to my first (August 2017) Goals and Income Update!

First, let me explain what this “Goals and Income Update” is all about. If you are following this blog, then you know that this blog is about my journey to financial freedom and into mindful living. While I talk about this journey in my regular blog posts, here I talk about my actual progress in:

  1. My financial journey-I want to show you how much I made for the month, my income sources, and if I recommend these income sources to you.
  2. My pursuit of mindful living-I want to show you in this post what I’ve done to improve my life, to enjoy it and find happiness. It may not be as quantifiable as the financial report but I think it’s still good to list them down here for accountability.

At first, I was opposed to publishing my income because people may take it negatively. I’d like to emphasize that this is not to brag or anything like that, because believe me, making money online is NEVER as simple and easy as some people think.

If I have a choice, I would probably choose to work “outside” of my home and have the security of having a steady income stream.  Yes, many people have made it online and are now making incredible amounts of money (passive income) through their blogs but I am pretty sure that to get to that level, you also have to invest in a million hours and efforts.

So, Why Publish My Income Report?

Like any blogger, I love reading income reports and I can say that I would probably never started this blog had I not come across blogs and their income reports. But as much as I love reading them and seeing other bloggers’ success, I am also very terrified to write about mine. So, why did I finally decide to post my income report?

Well, here are my reasons:

  1. I am the type of person who needs constant motivation and by posting my progress, I can motivate myself to do better each month while also hopefully inspiring others.
  2.  If I could learn so much from other bloggers through their income reports, then I thought maybe others, most especially the audience I am writing to, can learn from mine.
  3. I blog, firstly, to improve my life and finances, and I want to show you what income sources I’ve tried for the month, how much I’ve made from them and what works for my situation as a stay-at-home mom. I think an income report is a great way to show you these details and the progress I am making each month.
  4.  I am posting my online income because, after all, this blog is about my journey to financial freedom (and meaningful living). If I can show you that it is possible for me to reach my life goals as a stay-at-home mom, then it may be possible for you, too!

Whether I succeed in reaching my life goals or not is yet to be seen. So, let’s see how far I can go on this journey.

When I Started This Journey

Now, for full disclosure, let me tell you my situation when I started this journey.

I am a new mom and as of this writing, I have a 7-months old baby.  I started this blog in June (actually, my first post was published on April 30) but back then, I didn’t have a very clear idea of what I really wanted to achieve with this blog. I knew I wanted to do more with it apart from documenting my parenting journey.

After getting inspiration from other bloggers and also from my own life experiences–from becoming  a mom, my father’s passing, financial struggles and many other things that happened in between, I decided to transform this blog into something more motivating for me, and hopefully for others, too.  I made that decision only in August, which is my fourth month into starting this blog. So, it’s only been a month since I started this financial journey.

Another thing that I want to emphasize is that I started this journey as a freelance writer who took a break from freelancing in November 2016 to March 2017 due to my pregnancy. I accepted only very few projects during this period so my income dropped to its lowest. I officially started accepting projects again in March but due to that long maternity break, I lost a couple of clients.

So, when I started this journey, I pretty much had to start from scratch again and had to seek new projects. I also started this journey with very limited time with a small baby.

Ultimate Goals to Make Money

For this month, I decided to give 50-60% of my efforts on freelance writing so I could still earn some money while building this blog and while exploring other income sources. But my ultimate goal is to diversify my income and hopefully earn a passive income.


What I Did in August 2017: Financial Goals


Now, let’s see what I did in August for one of my two primary life goals:

Financial Goals

This month was a hard month for me—I was constantly distracted, I had a hard time managing my time with the baby, and I had bouts of depression maybe due to many things that happened in my life. These are areas I need to improve on to also improve my productivity in September.

But, I had a few achievements:

  1.    Laying the groundwork for my blog.

I enrolled in Blog by Number course by Suzi Whitford. I am still working on the course, which explains why I have very few posts lately. This month,  I had only been absorbing all information I can have about starting a blog.

  1.    I have joined a few affiliate marketing networks.

I don’t expect to make money through affiliate marketing soon and I am not even sure if I would ever make money from it, but it’s good to have joined. You never know! Plus, I only promote products I love, use and trust and I really don’t mind talking about them on my blog, if that will help others.

  1.    I started using apps that will help me save money.

I realized how crucial knowing how to save money is to achieving financial freedom and to living better so I started this journey by learning how to save money. I was excited to find out about apps that give you  cash back from your purchases. I have started using them and already started earning small amounts of cash from my purchases. It’s awesome!

  1. I have joined Ad Networks

So, if you see ads on my site and you click on them, I might earn a small commission at NO cost to you. Thank you for your support!

My Financial Goals Resources

1.Save Money

If you are into saving money, I highly recommend the following:

  • Ibotta -this is an app you can download on your phone so you can earn cash back on your grocery purchases at many stores.  Sign up here and get your free $10.

I have earned $16 so far through Ibotta and what’s great is that it’s free money.

  • Ebates . Same as Ibotta. This website gives you cash back on your purchases at any of the thousands of stores it is affiliated with. Sign up here to get your free $10. You can also earn $50 if you refer to two friends to join.

I have received my free $10 from Ebates.

2.Start a Blog with Bluehost

If you want to start a blog and make money blogging , create a website to offer a freelancing service, or sell your  own products online, I have a free step-by-step guide on how to do it. You absolutely don’t need to have technical knowledge to get started.

3. Convertkit

I can’t recommend this highly enough. For me, Convertkit has very simple interface and makes list building a lot easier than Mailchimp. I created an opt-in that gained me 100 subscribers in my first month blogging, thanks to Convertkit!

Sign up here to get your FREE month subscription.

I actually got a total of  THREE MONTHS worth of subscription for FREE. I got the first free month when I enrolled in Suzi’s (www.startamomblog.com) List Building Challenge BUT I decided to cancel the subscription because back then, I was not willing to invest money in my blog. I thought, $29 per month was too much! So, I switched to the free version of Mailchimp but it was such a pain for me.  I decided to switch back to Convertkit when I read about their Email1k Subscription promo that gave me additional free  2 months subscription.

As part of your Email1k subscription you get:

  • 2 months of ConvertKit FREE (worth $60-$500 depending on your plan)*
  • Expert one-on-one help migrating your email list from your current platform (save hours of frustration)*

* For new accounts only.

Sign up here and get your free two months subscription. After subscribing, make sure to contact their customer service that you are a new customer wanting to avail of the Email1k subscription. Then, you should be billed on the third month.

4.Blog by Number Course by Suzi Whitford

This amazing mom is already earning close to $38,000 a month blogging and she started not so long ago. In her Blog By Number course, she’s teaching her blogging secrets and the best ways to start a blog.

If you have not started a blog yet and are planning to, I recommend this course for you. I wish I enrolled in this course earlier to save me a lot of time, efforts and resources. I got it for only $47 (I grabbed the back-to-school 50% off sale), a price that’s really so worth for all the informative video tutorials in it, a comprehensive eBook on blogging, blogging workbook and many more. It’s a long course and I’m not even halfway through it.

5. Learn how I earned my first $100k from Freelance Writing

If you are into freelance writing, grab this free mini-ebook now by signing up. It contains details on how I earned my first $100k from freelance writing and includes details on where to get started.

Mindful Living Goals
What I Did in August 2017

To motivate myself and hopefully others, I wrote “How Minimalism Can Change Your Life and Finances
We scheduled one “fun day” with the baby.
I started decluttering my closet and got rid of things that I no longer use.
I started taking the baby out for a stroll. It’s a great way to exercise as well.

Now, onto the juicy part–my income!

Income in August 2017
As I mentioned before, I had to put more efforts into freelance writing because I am still testing other sources. Freelancing (not necessarily writing) is still a great income source I highly recommend for stay-at-home moms.

1. Freelance Writing:  $1873
2. Money-saving Apps: $29
Ibotta:  $16 ( Sign up here and get your free $10 + cashback on your purchases at your local stores.)

Ebates:  $10 (Sign up here to get your free $10. You can also earn $50 if you refer to two friends to join.)

Swagbucks:  $3 approximate (Sign up here to get your free $5 and earn $3 per friend you refer.)

Total: $29

This may not look big but, hey, $29 is already an hour salary for many people! That’s one free hour you don’t have to work for!

3.Blog Income : a whopping $0!
Well, I have just started my blog so I really don’t think I would earn a passive income through this blog anytime soon. Besides, I have less than 1000 page views for now.

However, a client approached me through my blog to commission me for a writing project that adds $180 per month to my freelancing income.

TOTAL : $1,902

Please note that this is income BEFORE expenses. I have some expenses for this month because I outsourced a few projects so I could meet deadlines and free up some time to work on this blog. Then, I have subscriptions to pay for to maintain this blog and I also purchased a blogging course.

September Goals

Financial Goals

Freelance Writing
I want to at least maintain my freelancing income or improve it a little bit while I am still working on other income sources.

Try Surveys
I would like to try at least two survey companies to see if they’re worth my time and efforts.


My ultimate goal is to earn a passive income through this blog so I need to put in some efforts to make this blogging thing work.

One content published per week.
Work on another opt-in.
Views – Reach 2000-3000 views. September is technically my second month blogging with a purpose. I wasted May, June and July just wandering around without any clear idea of what to do. That’s why I recommend enrolling in a blogging course if you want to start a blog with a purpose.
Enroll in Google Adsense.

Mindful Living Goals

  • Do one more round of decluttering at home.
  • Organize a closet.
  • Take the baby out for a stroll at least 3 times a week.
  • Start a low carb diet.
  • Exercise.
  • Start a herb garden.
  • Schedule a free fun time with the baby

Final Thoughts

Am I happy with my progress this month? YES! I realized I still did a lot even with very limited time, and it is definitely so good to write about this because it helps me see the many things I should be grateful and happy for. I also feel happy about my little accomplishments to improve my life.

Am I close to my goals? Definitely NOT. I still have a long way to go to reach them.


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Hi! My name is Jane, the mama behind this blog. I am blogging my journey to financial freedom and into meaningful living off a small and unstable freelancing income, $0 in personal savings and with less than a year old baby. Join me on this journey!


  1. There is so much that is great about this post! Love all of the advice and ideas for blogging, freelancing, etc. and I super love your authenticity and vulnerability to share your honest journey and goals and your progress along the way!

    1. Jane Susaeta


  2. Keep at it girl! It’s not easy balancing business and babies but when it works its amazing. You need to consciously schedule some “me” time too, even just going to bed an extra 15 mins early and enjoying the peace and quiet at the end of the day. Super important though xx

    1. Jane Susaeta

      Emily, I needed that so much also. I will include me-time in my routine. Thank you.

  3. Good tips for earning money from blogging! I agree that it takes a lot of hard work to earn money via anything! I liked that you that you put your relational and personal goals as well. It’s essential to be well-rounded as an entrepreneur.

    1. Jane Susaeta


  4. You are off to an amazing start! This is going to be a very successful blog. I also took Suzi’s course and it’s amazing. I love all of her courses and eBooks.

    1. Jane Susaeta

      Hi Billie, thank you very much! It took me months before I finally decided to take her course and I regret I didn’t do it sooner. I am learning a lot from her.

  5. Fumiko Umemoto

    Thank you for letting me know your goal and process. I also have the same goal as you. So it’s really useful to know what the other person is doing!!!

    1. Jane Susaeta

      Thank you for stopping by. I love seeing other people’s goals and progress as it inspires me… I thought of writing mine as well hoping to inspire others

  6. Love your post. Your sharing of information is very helpful to a new blogger. Thank you

  7. Are you using this blog as a freelancer portfolio? How else are you planning on making money from the blog in the future? Perhaps you could write a post about that.

    1. Jane Susaeta

      Hi Demi, thank you for stopping by. I’m not really using this as portfolio as it’s a new blog (but I do have a portfolio somewhere else) 🙂 I would like to try ads, affiliate marketing and sponsored posts to monetize this blog.

  8. Thanks for sharing this, love it.

  9. Wow, congrats on this babe! These tips are great and so helpful. I’ve been blogging for four years now and this year I’ve been really wanting to take my blog to more than just a hobby so posts like these really help. Thanks so much for sharing! xo


    1. Jane Susaeta

      Thank you so much Talina! Keep in touch and good luck on your blog 🙂

  10. Congratulations on your income. It’s really inspiring when tou see a bloggers success in blogging. I wish you all the best, when we decide that we want to make money from our blog, I will definitely get in touch with you and sign up from your link to help you as well, as you said it wont cost us ☺️, for now our goal is to touch the livea of others, to encourage the one’s that are loosing hopes. Keep inspiring the aspiring bloggers, they too can earn from blogging.

    1. Jane Susaeta


  11. You’ve a way with words. You’re a great storyteller. Loved reading this. Not only was this entertaining but also very informative 🙂

  12. Shell

    You are doing so great!!! I’ve been struggling and I’m so glad you took the time to share with us because it gives me hope 🙂

    1. Jane Susaeta


  13. Congrats you! Well done this is amazing. I always do enjoy reading income report from bloggers. xx

  14. I’ve found that having a blog might not equal money, but it does tend to open the door to other opportunities, which then lead to money, since it showcases your talent. I’ve had quite a few jobs lead off from my blog, though nothing really gained monetarily from it (not that it’s very big as it is).

    1. Jane Susaeta

      Very true!

  15. Wow!! Well Done!

    I love how you’re transparent with how much and how you earn your income. I find so many bloggers are so secretive with this.

    I have a friend who would love this. I’ve forwarded her your website for future reference!

    1. Jane Susaeta

      Hi Kylie , thanks a lot! I appreciate it

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    1. Jane Susaeta

      Thank you for reading this post. I have updated the info about Ibotta and Ebates .

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    You go girl! it always inspires me to see powerful confident women providing for themselves and doing what they love – it’s the best thing to do, darling. Keep moving forward!

  21. Wow, this is definitely inspiring! I can’t believe how much you have achieved despite being a full time mum as well! You truly are super mummy.

  22. Congratulations on this milestone! I too have been focusing on my blog for a few months now (plus with a baby too! 😉 ).. Though there are indeed improvements, it is still far from providing me with the passive income that I need.
    Your post is totally relatable on so many aspects. 🙂

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    Wow!! You are so great. You are so inspiring. I do not know how you can work together online and being a good mother. You did a great job mom!!!

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    1. Jane Susaeta

      Good luck to us!!! Thanks for stopping by and I hope we can make this work

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