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7 Ways Minimalism Can Change Your Life

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7 Ways Minimalism Can Change Your life

Embracing minimalism is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in life. The funny thing is, I didn’t even know what it really was, and I only gave it a try to help me change my spending mindset and with my financial goals. But to my surprise, I realized that its financial benefit was just the tip of the iceberg and as you scratch the surface and delve deeper into the lifestyle, the benefits are far greater.

I don’t claim that I am already living my ideal Minimalist life.  In fact, as of writing this, I’ve just embraced the lifestyle and I am still in the process of letting go a TON of clutter and excess stuff. But one thing that I’ve learned is that Minimalism isn’t an end goal but a process or a journey. Once you decide to jump in, you don’t have to wait long or even have to downsize to your ideal Minimalist life to feel the benefits.

Here some of its benefits that will change your life.

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Benefits of Minimalism that Can Change Your Life

1.You focus More on Life and On What Really Matters

Having less stuff allows you to focus more on what really matters to you. Material possessions tie us down and can rob us of time or opportunities to have fun, to do things that matter more. When we have less stuff, we tend to gravitate towards the things that matter most and happiness that money can’t buy. Perhaps on making friends? Making meaningful conversation with great people?  Go somewhere and make memories?

2. More Freedom

Minimalism gives you more freedom. Obviously, when you need less stuff, you also need less money. Think of money as your time. To earn it, you need to sacrifice your time, essentially your freedom to do things that you love, for work. Therefore, when your needs are minimal, the more free you are from needing to work.

3.Less Stuff Equals More Money

I didn’t know any better about Minimalism when I decided to give it a try. At that point, all I ever wanted was to straighten out or build a healthy financial life for my son. I read a little about getting rid of life’s excess (basically the core value of Minimalism) and thought that doing so (by not buying extra stuff) could help me save some money.

And it does help you save more money! I realized, though, that there’s a BIG difference between saving money for the sake of saving and saving money as a Minimalist. When you have a Minimalist mindset, you don’t have to fight the urge to acquire something new. You don’t even feel deprived as you would when you are just saving money for saving’s sake.

Minimalism can help you put more money into your pocket through the following ways:

    • Buying less stuff
    • Maintaining and storing fewer possessions
    • Selling excess stuff or clutter
    • And freeing up time for extra income

4.More Time 

By needing less, we don’t just reduce our spending but also the time we spend for shopping and for keeping our stuff. Essentially, by embracing Minimalism, we can free up more time for other things that matter more such as family, more sleep or hobbies. We have more freedom from work and freedom to do things that we love.

5. Decluttering Promotes Good Health

Minimalism promotes good health in so many levels. When we declutter, we lose that claustrophobic feeling and create space to breathe. Then, we conserve the energy we normally spend on dealing with our possessions, which means we can have more energy for hobbies or passions that make us happy.

Decluttering can also improve your mental health. When I got rid of some of the clothes that I no longer use, I honestly felt free from the weight of keeping those extra stuff. I also felt better thinking that some people in need could make use of my things.

6. Greater Focus and Clarity Equals Better Productivity

Since you have a few things to deal with, you have greater focus and clarity which, for a freelancer like me, is important to boost my productivity. It’s like watching my favorite TV show without the ads and other distractions!

7. A Boost in Self-esteem

Sometimes we seek self-esteem in the wrong ways, such as buying more stuff to make us feel better about ourselves, make us feel prettier or better than others.

I admit, I used to cling to materialism hoping to boost my self-esteem. I knew  it was wrong but until I finally let go of that obsession and greed of material possessions, I finally learned what it means when I say “you don’t need to have a lot of stuff to feel good about yourself.”

By embracing Minimalism, I realized how easy it is to have self-confidence because you lose that obsession to compare yourself to others. You feel happy about yourself because of who you really are and not because of the things you wear.

The great thing about Minimalism is that there are no right or wrong ways to downsize your life. What adds value to your life may be different from mine, so you can create your own Minimalism and you can choose how far you can go.

You may be surprised that these benefits are far greater as you go deeper into the lifestyle.

Over to you–is Minimalism a lifestyle you would choose for yourself and family?


Hi! My name is Jane, the mama behind this blog. I am blogging my journey to financial freedom and into meaningful living off a small and unstable freelancing income, $0 in personal savings and with less than a year old baby. Join me on this journey!


  1. Yes! My family is moving into our guest cottage, downsizing from 2400 sq ft to less than 400 sq ft. While the downsize is only expexted to be six months in duration, I am looking forward to having less stuff. As I purge each room, I feel lighter and lighter. Kudos to you and to minimalism.

    1. Jane Susaeta

      Hi Melissa, i also look forward to finally living with less stuff . I’ve just started with this journey and indeed I feel the benefits

    2. Jane Susaeta

      And it’s good to hear you are downsizing as well. See how it goes for 6 months … you might not want to go back to your bigger house 🙂

  2. Fumiko Umemoto

    it’s great post! Although I don’t think that it’s wrong to have lots of stuff all the time, it’s meaning less to have many stuffs to compare our selves to the other people. Appearance is also important. But it’s not the most important thing in our lives. We have to improve our inner beauty. Then after that, we can improve outer beauty. When we understand ourselves, we ll know what is the best to buy and wear for our selves.

    1. Jane Susaeta

      I agree that we do have to take care of our selves also and Minimalism is all about that–focusing on what’s more important to you and getting rid of those that are not. In other words, simplifying our lives.

  3. Yes to everything!! From my own experience, as I transition to a more minimal lifestyle, I can definitely see the benefits.
    I am less stressed, I am spending less money, my house is less cluttered, I feel less “greedy”/like I always “need” something new, I am wasting less time on random things I don’t want to do and in exchange am feeling much better about myself, I am more grateful for what I have in my life, I have more savings, and I ultimately feel much happier. Thanks for sharing this great post! 🙂

    1. Jane Susaeta

      Hi Katherine , thank you for stopping by. I feel more inspired hearing you’ve experienced the benefits, too! I’ve never expected the benefits are these great.

  4. Great post. Minimalism is something I fully embrace. It really does make life easier.

    1. Jane Susaeta

      Hi Gina! I so agree with you. I makes life so much easier.

  5. Yes decluttering is so essential. I’ve recently been going through old things and trying to sell ‘dead money’ items that are sitting there unused but could still fetch some extra $$. It’s important to do that every so often. Lovely post!

  6. This is great! I’ve heard so many great things about minimalism. I will be moving in a month, so I hope to get rid of A LOT of things I don’t need to live a better life.

  7. You made some great points I started trying to become a minimalist when I got sick of cleaning my house all the time. Getting rid of things makes a huge difference.

    1. Jane Susaeta

      YES, It does make a huge difference!

  8. I’ve always been a minimalist deep down, never fancied having too much stuff. The thought of having too much money never excited me. I’ve recently discovered that I’m not alone and it’s actually a thing. Embracing minimalism with both arms 🙂 Here’s to simpler and happier life.

    1. Jane Susaeta

      To simpler and happier life! 🙂

  9. I feel that minimalism has gained popularity in today’s international world, where newer generations are putting more value on experiences than material items. As a traveller, I feel that my memories are my most precious possessions.

    1. Jane Susaeta

      I agree!

  10. Good advice and way to live. Materialism is something that can distract anyone and living simply sure does have its benefits!

    1. Jane Susaeta

      Thanks Cori!

  11. Deb

    This is such an inspiring post.. really made me rethink about my priorities and why I want the things I want. Minimalism is something my Indian parents have often preached and I am
    Even more inspired to embrace it

    1. Jane Susaeta

      Thank you Deb. I’m happy to hear this post inspires others! Good luck to your Minimalism journey

  12. I have been mentally moving this direction for a while now. Very helpful artificial! Thank you!

    1. Jane Susaeta

      Thank you for stopping by. I hope you will feel the benefits of simple living too!

  13. This post is so accurate! I also lost my dad, and I fell into a depression, letting my house take over. That is actually what my blog is about taking back my home one project at a time.

    We went to visit my mom for two weeks and I took one suitcase for myself and three kids. It felt wonderful to not worry about bringing in a million bags, and by the time I was driving home my happiness level was sky high! Each person only had about 3 outfits and we had the time of our lives still.

    I find myself letting go of things more easily every round of decluttering I do, and my family is getting happier because of it.

    Great article, and thanks for preaching the benefits even to those of us that don’t want to live in a cottage or backwoods cabin!

    1. Jane Susaeta

      I feel your pain. I still think and write about him and i still cry sometimes but we all go through this pain of losing a parent. I’m glad to know how Minimalism helps you feel better and happier. I can also understand how stressful it is to travel with a lot of stuff!

  14. Minimalism is such an appealing concept to me, but as you said some people take it to the extreme, and i hate to admit but it has put me off a little. This post makes me rethink it all, beautiful post.

    1. Jane Susaeta

      Thank you Monica. I think there are many levels. Just downsize to what is most comfortable for you. Get rid of excess that add stress to your life and I’m sure you’ll feel a huge difference in your life

  15. I would like to start living more of a minimalist lifestyle. You mentioned some excellent benefits of minimalism. As a stay at home mom of 2 under 2, who is currently stressed out because there are messes and toys all over the house, I would definitely like to have less stuff to worry about.

    1. Jane Susaeta

      Good luck and hope you’ll enjoy the journey!

  16. Saving some money and cutting back on spending are definitely a major pro of minimalism, and probably a big reason why most people start that journey to begin with. But I can vouch for how good it feels to let things go and realize how little you really need to be happy. To me, it is an exercise in self-control, mindful living, and making the most of every day.

    1. Jane Susaeta

      I so agree with you about self control and mindful living!

  17. This is so very inspiring! Kudos to you!

    1. Jane Susaeta

      Thank you!

  18. Ashley

    I love this list! I am working towards decluttering and becoming more minimalistically because I see how big the benefits are! Thanks for reminding me to be present in life!

    1. Jane Susaeta

      Thank you, Ashley! Good luck!

  19. I agree with less stuff and more money. Embrace what you have.

    1. Jane Susaeta

      True. Sometimes we struggle with money mainly because we buy too much stuff.

  20. Great post!! Decluttering is the best tool to minimize stuff and gives you a mindful living

    1. Jane Susaeta

      THank you!

  21. Wow! I knew that minimalism would help you get rid of the extra stuff but reading your blog has given me a new approach and inspiration to look at it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas on it, it will definitely help me save some money and be more precise with the list of new things that I buy.

  22. Great post! I’ve been trying to really minimize and prioritize – working to create less clutter and more freedom. Thanks for sharing!

  23. You are so right. I think we spend our whole lives chasing after “things” and never really appreciating the true value and beauty of life.

  24. Really interesting read. It’s something I try to teach my kids – “things” are not important.

  25. Stacy

    Interesting! I loved all these tips!

  26. This is a great way to live life. More stuff means more sorting more clutter. It really gets on my nerves. I am going to work on buying less stuff or at least less non-essentials

  27. Hi Jane,
    I am sorry to hear about your father’s passing. Congratulations on becoming a mother!:) Thank you for this inspirational post!:) I agree with all of your posts.I am currently reading “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, and I am trying to simplify my life.

    1. Jane Susaeta

      I love that book! Thank you,Christina, and good luck on your journey!

  28. What a great post! I have been trying to do the same and find a balance between living ‘off of the grid’ and downsizing ‘stuff’. You’ve inspired me to take a second look at really living minimally. Thank you!

    1. Jane Susaeta

      Hi Stacy, I’m happy to know this post has inspired you,too.Good luck on your Minimalism journey!

  29. This is beautifully written. It is time to declutter.

  30. Very inspiring read.. I think I myself am incling to minimalist life lately… simply because I want to enjoy it more rather than invest in posessions.. and it works!

  31. I’ve been trying to be more minimalist. It’s hard to concentrate when surrounded by unnecessary things or faced with too much choice.

  32. This is a great article. I notice when I de-clutter my office I get more done. Too much stuff clogs the brrain.

  33. Yes! Love this! Less stuff equals more money…seems rather simple, doesn’t it?

  34. Jane Susaeta

    Thank you everyone for stopping by!

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